Gore at Lima: “We are designing the future of human kind.”

By Ramesh Jalan

Lima Climate Action High-Level Meeting took place on Thursday, morning. The ADP contact group on item 3 briefly convened in the morning and was then suspended pending consultations among negotiating groups on the way forward. The contact group reconvened late in the afternoon but agreement could not be reached on how to move forward. Informal consultations took place throughout the day under the COP and CMP. An informal stocktaking plenary took place in the evening. Later in the evening the ADP contact group convened shortly for the ADP Co-Chairs to present a revised draft decision text, which parties agreed to discuss on Friday morning.

LIMA CLIMATE ACTION HIGH-LEVEL MEETING : COP 20/CMP 10 President Manuel Pulgar-Vidal noted that the conference hall was illuminated with the Nazca Lines accompanied by text inviting participants to “create,” “connect,” “act” and  “transform.” He highlighted that non-state actors are already finding solutions, and asked how their initiatives could be scaled up and how collaboration with them could be improved.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon highlighted the ambitious initiatives and actors that came together at the September UN Climate Summit. Noting that action begets ambition, he said actions now will set a strong foundation for Paris.

IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri highlighted key messages from AR5, saying the pursuit of efficiency and equity will drive the most cost-effective solutions.

Underlining that there is general agreement that the solution to climate change lies in economic transformation, Rachel Kyte, World Bank Group, Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change, noted that while “the economics are compelling, the politics remain challenging.”

Al Gore, former US Vice President, said that in Lima and Paris “we are designing the future of human kind.”

COP/CMP JOINT STOCKTAKING PLENARY :  Highlighting Thursday, 11 December, as the last day for all outstanding issues to be resolved, COP 20/CMP 10 President Pulgar-Vidal urged parties to move the negotiations forward. He invited Ministers Edna Molewa (South Africa) and Edward Davey (UK) to conduct ministerial outreach on long-term finance and the GCF. ADP Co-Chair Kumarsingh highlighted the lack of consensus amongst parties on how to proceed with textual negotiations.

Pulgar-Vidal emphasized the need to take decisions to capture the achievements of this COP and invited parties to table constructive proposals, urging them not to leave Lima “empty handed.” He assured parties of a transparent and party-driven working process. Pulgar-Vidal noted the need for a strong decision on upfront information required for INDCs and pre-2020 actions, and a draft negotiating text containing a variety of views on elements of the 2015 agreement.

After nearly two weeks of intensive deliberations, many felt deflated as, on day 10 of the COP, the ADP seemed to lose momentum, with over 50 pages of bracketed text and no agreement on the way forward in sight.

Some wondered if the contours of the Lima outcome had started to become visible. Inspired by the positive spirit of the morning high-level meeting on climate action, one delegate mused: “maybe, like the Nazca Lines, we just need to climb up the hill to see the full picture.”

With the likelihood of a sleepless night dawning on the delegates, many felt that the clear direction given by the COP/CMP President had inspired them to climb up the steep hill ahead.

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(Dr Ramesh Kumar Jalan is the Resource Person and Moderator of the Climate Change Community of Practice, Solution Exchange, UNDP, New Delhi)