About Climatalk

climatalk |ˈklīmitôk| noun

Discussion about people, their places and weather conditions prevailing locally over a long period   There is a climatalk in the Radio Sri Lanka about life in the fishing hamlets of Trincomalee.

•  Scientific debate on the above topics  : Academics engaged in climatalk.

•  Public opinion on these aspects of life In Brighton the climatalk is all about an apparently schizophrenic spring – cold, rainy and sunny. 

verb [ intrans.]  Give information or express ideas or feelings about people, their places and weather conditions prevailing locally over a long period ; converse or communicate about these aspects : Two hunters climatalked about the forest in whispers.


Sharing stories of people, places and climate – from the last mile to labs and back.

People and their role/ research:

Ajith Lawrence: Radio interface of this blog for local communities (on the anvil)

Jamie Gilham: Specialises in coastal landforms and processes that shape them

Mark Speight: Researching on seasonal weather forcasts and farmers’ responses

Max Martin: Editor of the blog/ researches on climate, hazards and migration

Melissa Lazenby: Analyses southern African climate and models future scenarios

Netsanet Kassa Alamirew: Climate modeller focusing on the Sahel region

Sinoj Mullangath: User experience design – for this blog and its (future) offshoots

Published by :

Climatalk Collective, in collaboration with a team of University of Sussex geography doctoral students focusing on climate science and society.

climatalk@gmail.com  +44 7466656812

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