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The lost beaches

The impact of environmental change on the fisherfolk  of Kanyakumari district

By Surabhi Sinha

Crowded coasts of Kanyakumari face the threat of erosion. Photo: M Martin/

The Kanyakumari coast is being impaired by  erosion,  environmental degradation as well as human activities.  Several human activities on the coast and further inland have contributed to coastal erosion and in the context of global warming it could make the impacts of sea level rise even worse. Several measures have been adopted for the protection of the coast based on the geomorphology of the area – but not always successful as this  case study shows.

The main problems in the Kanyakumari coastline are  sea water intrusion into  rivers and canals and the receding shoreline. The latter problem is larger and is probably more difficult to tame as it depends on various other global circumstances. Construction of sea walls is the most immediate solution. (More…)